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Two friends try to re-unite by going on a road-trip to the forests and mountains. Their attempt to reconcile does not go easy due to the secrets they hold, and a shocking revelation ends their journey.


They now drive exiting the city limits.

Tony: He seems to have recognized you.

Lloyd: Well, that’s why I don’t want to come back here.

Lloyd: I never belonged here, you know?

Tony: Me neither,

Tony: But when there is no where to go…

The Makers

  • Vinod Bharathan

    Producer / Writer / Director / Editor 

  • Siddharth Balachandran

    Executive Producer

  • Bobby Koshy

    Executive Producer

  • Suraj Ramakrishnan

    Line Producer / Production manager  (India operations)

  • Jatin Harikrishan

    Production Manager (Unit 1)

  • Chris Blaski

    Technical Assistance

  • P. V. Vijay Kumar

    Production assistant

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